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Guided by Experience.  Driven by Results.

"Guided by Experience...."

     In December of 2018, I left the Felony Trial Division of the Collin County District Attorney's Office in order to start my own practice and defend people against the same crimes that I spent the last 7 years prosecuting.  As a prosecutor in the Felony Trial Division, I prosecuted all manner of felony criminal charges - including Murder, Intoxication Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Domestic Violence with prior, Felony Theft,  Driving While Intoxicated with 3 or more previous convictions, Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance, and Drug Possession.  As a Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor for both Collin and Taylor Counties, I prosecuted cases ranging from Driving while Intoxicated ("DWI") and Possession of Marijuana (and other drugs), to Assault Family Violence, Theft, and many others too numerous to list.  There is no case too big or too small that I cannot handle, and not much I haven't seen.  Do you want an attorney with the experience to "read between the lines" and spot the weaknesses in your case? Put that experience to work on your case.

"...Driven by Results."

     I understand that you want your case dismissed or your charges reduced, and if those things aren't possible, then the best outcome that allows you to protect your criminal record, your name, and your freedom.  I understand that is what you want because I want those same results just as badly as you do, and while I cannot ethically guarantee an outcome in your case (and no attorney can or should!), you will know when you hire me that every effort was put forward to get you the results you are after.  I don't sell dreams and hopes to prospective clients just to get hired, but I do sell experience, legal knowledge, and hard work.  My way of doing things has already achieved fantastic results for my clients and I'd love to discuss them with you.  Whether you are certain of your innocence, certain of your guilt, or something in between, you need a lawyer who will have your back and fight tooth and nail to make sure you have every advantage possible when it comes to fighting your case.  I will be that lawyer for you.

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Guided by Experience.  Driven by Results.

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